Saturday, February 15, 2020

January 8 Current Affairs

  1. What is the theme for  Visit Nepal 2020 ? - Lifetime Experience
  2. How many suppliers and companies are black listed by their performance not completing their jobs in time ? 332
  3. Which place of Nepal is also called younger Nepal (कान्छी नेपाल )? Silgadi, Doti
  4. Why Sigadi of |Doti is called younger Nepal ? - Due same climate like Kathmandu
  5. When is "TOPI" day celebrated in Nepal ? January 1
  6. From when Topi day is celebrated ? 2014 AD
  7. By 2025 government of Nepal has planned to raise the contribution from Tourism by how much percent in country economy ? - 10 Percent
  8. What is the present contribution of tourism in Nepal economy ? 3 percent
  9. Where is famous BADIKEDAR located in Nepal ? Doti
  10. When was Nepal- India transport treaty renewed for next seven years ? 2020 January 5
  11. Nepal, ranked 115th on the 2019 Legatum Prosperity  Index. 
  12. What is the full form of COP ? - Conference of Parties
  13. By which name Sri Lanka used to be known earlier ? Silon 
  14. 1 Kilo Watt = 1000 Watt so 1 Mega Watt= 1000 Kilo Watt
  15. Which local government first establish Information Technology Center ? Safebagar Municipality
  16.  When did Government of Nepal made public National Health Act- 2076 ?2076 B.S Asar 16
  17. Which is the first national daily news paper of Nepal ? - AWAZ
  18. What is black panther ? Union of Black people in America
  19. Who is the first secretary of BIMSTEC ? Sumith Nakandala
  20. From where and when id card for poor citizen was distributed in Nepal ? 2075 Asar 29, Kapilvastu
  21. Who won the CNN Hero of the Year- 2019 ? Freweini Mebrahtu
  22. From when "International Day of Clean Air for blue sky " is celebrated ? September 2020
  23. Where in Nepal Saligrham Museum is established ? Baglung

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