Monday, April 27, 2020

National Census 2068- Nepal GK - GK Nepal

1. Families living in their own house : 85.26%
2. Families living in rent in city areas: 40.22%
3. Population drinking water from city supply: 47.78%
4. Families using wood for cooking food : 64%
5. LP gas using families: 21.03%
6. Families using electricity: 67.26%
7. Families watching television : 36.45%
8. Families using mobile phones: 64.63%
9. Families not using toilet in their home: 38.17%
10. Families who have their properties registered in the name of the women: 19.71%
11. Population living abroad : 1921494
12. Families who have ladies as their head of the family: 25.73%

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