Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Population by ecological belt in Nepal

According to National Census 2068 BS of Nepal , terai region of Nepal is most populated the Hilly and Himalayan region.

1. Population of Terai region- 13318705
2. Population of Hilly Region- 11394007
3. Population of Himalayan region- 1781792
4. Percentage of Terai population- 50.27%
5. Percentage of Hilly region population- 43.01%
6. Percentage of Himalayan region population- 6.73%
7. Population of Terai in 2058BS- 11212452(48.40%).
8. Population of Hilly region in 2058BS-10251111(44.30%).
9. Population of Himalayan region in 2058BS- 1687859(7.30%)

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