Saturday, May 30, 2020

Nepal budget 2077/2078

1. What is the total budget of Nepal for fiscal year 2077/2078 ? - RS 1474 Billion 
2. Name the minister who announced budget speech ? Yubaraj Khatiwada
3. What amount is recurrent expenditure for 2077/78 ? 948 billion

Lockdown Nepal

1. Upto when lockdown continues after last decision of  lock down until 20 Jestha as per cabinet meeting  on 30 May 2020? Jestha 32.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Nepalese rescue from third due COVID-19

1. When did government of Nepal decided to bring Nepalese from abroad on priority basis ? May 29 , 2020


1. When did USA president Donald Trump announced to end it's country relation with World Health Organization ? May 29, 2020
2. How many member state are there in WHO ? - 194
3. What amount US is funding for WHO yearly ? - Approximately $450 million

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nepal Tourist data 2019

1. For what purpose more tourist visited Nepal in 2019 ? Entertainment
2. What percent of total tourist visited Nepal for entertainment purpose ? 65
3.What percent of tourist visited for trekking ? 17
4. What percent of tourist visited for mountaineering and trekking ? 14
5. What amount of royalty did Nepal government collected from mountaineering  in 2019? RS 686 million.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Religious Personality | GK about religion | 21 May 2020

1.When was Sankaracharya borned ? - 845 B.S
2.Where was Sankaracharya borned ? Kerela
3.What was the original name of Bedbyas ? - Krishna Dupyan
4.Who wrote Mahabharata ? Bedbyas
5.What was the original name of Balmiki ? Ratnakar
6.Who wrote Ramayana ? Balmiki
7.Where is Balmiki Ashram ? Nawalparasi
8. Who is the founder of Jain religion ? Mahabir Jain
9. Who is the founder of Islam ? Paigamber Mohammad
10. When did Paigamber Mohammad died ? 8 June 632

European Union

1. When was European Economic Community established ? - 01 January 1958
2. From when EEC was called European Union ? November 1 , 1993 AD
3. What is the founder six member of EU called ? - Inner Six
4. What are the other six member called of EU ? Outer six
5. How many members are there in EU ? 27
6. What is the slogan of EU ? - United in Diversity
7. What is the currency of EU called ? Euro

New political map of Nepal 2020

1.When did Nepal released revised political map that incorporates Limpiyadhura, Lipu Lekh and Kalapani, the territories encroached by India ? 20 May 2020, (07 Jestha 2077)

The new map has retrieved 335 sq km of encroached land. Gunji, Nabhi and Kuti villages have been included within the Nepali border. The present map in practice, issued in 2032 BS, does not have 335 sq km of the Limpiyadhura region.
New Map of Nepal 2077 | New Map of Nepal 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Nepal gk quiz |19 May 2020 | gk Nepal 2020 | Nepal recent gk

  1. Name the four religious places related to Buddhism ? Limbini, Bodhgaya,Sarnath and Kushinagar
  2. Which is the first state of Nepal to launch Health insurance in every of its district ? Far Western State
  3. Which Nepali company was awarded with "International Hospitality and Travel Award 2019" ? Chandragiri Hills Resort
  4. Which is the most coffee producing district of Nepal  ? Kavre
  5. Which is the first country to sign DTAA with Nepal ? India (1987 January 18)
  6. What is the full form of DTAA ? Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  7. With how many countries Nepal have agreement regarding DTAA ? 11
  8. When was "Peoples Electricity programme" launched in Nepal ? 2075 BS Falgun 2
  9. Where is tortoise preservation center in Nepal ? Sukhani Simasar Area, Jhapa
  10. When was Nepal Sambat declared as National Sambat ? 2065 B.S Kartik 8

New map of Nepal | Kalapani and Limpiyadhura | 19 May 2020

When did Nepal’s cabinet made historic decision, to publicize Nepal’s map including Kalapani and Limpiyadhura ? 05 Jestha 2077(18 May 2020) Monday.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Lockdown Nepal

Nepal will continue to be in Lockdown for next 15 days until Jestha 20.

gk questions of nepal with answers | gk questions related to nepal | gk related to nepal

  1. Where are "Lepcha" caste people located in Nepal ?- Illam
  2. Where are "Gandarba" caste people mainly located in Nepal ? -Kaski
  3. "Makalu Mountain" is also known as ? - Jannu
  4. Name the footballer form Nepal to score first international goal ?YB Ghale 
  5. When did Nepali figure from literature Shiva Regmi died ? 2075 Galgun 8

GK Nepal 2020 | 17 May 2020 | gk about nepal | gk question for nepal | nepal gk facts

  1. Where is Manmohak Bichitra cave in Nepal ? - Gulmi
  2. How  long is Manmohak Bichitra cave located in Gulmi ? 185 meter
  3. First International Simsar Summit in Nepal ? 2069 B.S Kartik 22-23
  4. Which Martyrs is called "Sahid Mahila" in Nepal ? Dasarath Chand
  5. When did Nepal Police used polygraph technique  for the first time in the history of Nepal ?-  6 February 2014
  6. Which year  Nepal celebrated  "GHUMFIR Barsa" ? 2073 BS
  7. Who is the writer of SUMMER LOVE ? Subin Bhattrai
  8. When was Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India happened ? (1996 AD)2052 B.S Magh 29
  9. Who is called Absent population  ? Population in foreign for more than 6 months
  10. What is Machapuchre Himal also called ? Kumari Himal

Gk questions about Nepal | 17 May 2020 | gk questions of nepal with answers | First satellite of Nepal | Nepal Satellite-1

  1. When did Nepal sent its first satellite to space ? April 19, 2019
  2. What is the name of its first satellite ? Nepal Satellite-1
  3. What is the weight of Nepal Satellite-1 ? 1.3 KG
  4. Nepal Satellite 1 : The satellite will revolve around the earth four times a day. The orbit lies approximately 400 kilometres above the earth. The satellite is expected to take pictures of Nepal for six to 10 minutes during each revolution.
  5. Name the scientist who developed the satellite under the BIRDS project of their institute in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology who are studying at Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology ? Aabhas Maskey and Hariram Shrestha 
  6. First twins to reach space ? - Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly. 
  7. First country to germinate seed in moon ? China
  8. Which plant seed become the first plants to ever germinate on the moon ? Cotton
Nepal First Satellite

Latest Current Affairs Nepal | Rapid Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Nepal’

1. What ratio of employees of both formal and informal micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Nepal have lost their jobs as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to study  'Rapid Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Nepal’  commisioned by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Nepal ? 3 out 5
2. What percentage of  fall in remittance is likely to range this fiscal year due virus ? 15 to 20 percent
3. What is the new decline Nepal’s projected pre-COVID GDP growth rate of 8.5 percent in 2019-2020 due COVID-19 ? 2.5%
4. What percent of men lost their jobs during the lockdown, compared to 41 percent of females ? 28 percent. 
5.What percent of tourist arrival in Nepal are likely to fall by Corona Virus effect  in 2020 ? 60 percent.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

First death from Corona Virus in Nepal

Nepal has reported first coronavirus death on 16 May 2020. A 29-year-old female from Bahrabise of Sindhupalchowk tested positive for the deadly virus during PCR test at NPHL on Saturday, according to Health Ministry of Nepal.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Nepal policies and program 2020/21(2077/78). Current Affairs Nepal.

1. What was the term that brought Nepal President Vidya Devi Bhandari under controversy on presentation of Nation policy and programme 2019/20 last year ? "mero sarkar"
2. As per the constitutional provision, the government needs to present the fiscal budget on which date of every year ? 15 Jestha.
3. Where did President unveil the Nation Policies and program ? Joint session of house of representative and National Assembly.
4. When did Supreme Court (SC) on directed the government to accelerate PCR testing among people suspected to have been infected by coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in order to save the public from this pandemic ? 01 Jestha 2077.
5. International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a disbursement to Nepal under the Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) equivalent to what amount to help effect of COVID-19 ? about US$214 million,

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Transparency International corruption Index 2019

  1. Which is the number one nation as per Transparency International corruption index 2019 for least corruption ? Denmark with 88 points out of 100. 
  2. Which is the most corrupted country as per Corruption Index 2019 ? Somalia with 10 points
  3. What position Nepal holds ? 124 with 31 points
  4. What positions Afghanistan holds ? 172 with 16 points
  5. How many country were included in index ? 180

Sugauli Treaty

 The farsighted unification campaign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah from small state of Gorkha expanded its territory to Sikkim in the east, Satlaj in the west, Gorakhpur in the south and himalaya parbat to the north. The campaign after Prithvi Narayan Shah were lighted by King Pratap Shah, Rajendralaxmi, Bahadur Shah and Bhimsen Thapa. During this campaign dispute arose with East- India Company of India regarding  22 villages of Butwal leading to war in 1814 AD.(1871 BS). The 800 miles border with India were stationed by East India company army at different area. The East India Company declared war with Nepal in 1 Nov 1814 AD. 

Balabhadra Kunwar from Nepal was stationed in Nalapani, Khalanga, similarly Bhakti Thapa and Amar Sing Thapa leaded Nepali army in Deuthal and in the west respectively. Due to lack of improvised weapon, trained army and many other reasons Nepal lost her war with the company. The defeat in war resulted to sign the treaty called sugauli treaty. Jagaraj Mishara and Chandrasekhar Upadhyay signed the treaty on 28 November 1815 AD likewise Major Brad Shaw from EIC signed the treaty on 02 Dec 1815. So the Sugauli treaty came in effect from  March 1816 AD (1872 BS Mangsir 19). 

The border treaty signed between the then government of East India Company and Nepal on March 4, 1816 is known as the Sugauli Treaty. The result of the treaty was that Nepal lost almost one-third of its territory on the east, south and west. Students of history know it well why and how the treaty took place. But it would be beneficial for others as well to know the historical background of the country. Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the small fiefdoms / principalities and created a big and powerful Nepal. 

International Lake Summit 2018, Lake Summit, Nepal gk in english, 14 May 2020

  1. Where and when was international lake summit was organized in 2018 ? Pokhara, Nepal. (2018, May 11-12)
  2. Who is known as "Ayameli Kavi" of Nepal ? Tilbikram Nembang
  3. Where is "Cheli Tihar" culture in Nepal ? Far Western Region of Nepal
  4. From when all channels of Nepal Television (NTV) started to display in HD version ? 2075 BS Magh 17
  5. Which is the first television channel of Nepal ? Nepal Television
  6. When was Nepal television established ? 2041 BS
  7. When is Martyrs day celebrated in Nepal ? Magh 16
  8. From when the "Crown of King" in Nrayanhiti Royal palace was open to view for public ? 2075, Kartik 4
  9. Mention the date when ECTS (Electronic Cargo Tracking system) was target to introduce in Nepal, to track the electronic cargo from third country via Kolkata. ? 2075, Falgun 3 
  10. Who is the most youngest player in T-20 tournament to make half century in his first match? Sandip Jora (Nepal)

Gk of Nepal, 10 Questions with answers, 14 May 2020

  1. By which year Nepal government aims to eradicate Leprosy from Nepal ? 2020 AD
  2. Where is Gautam Buddha International Cricket stadium is being built in Nepal ? Bharatpur, Chitwan
  3. Under which foundation Gautan Buddha international cricket stadium is being built ? Dhurmus-Suntali foundation, total estimated cost is 3000000000 (3 arab). The stadium is aimed to complete by 2 years from 2075 BS Magh 16.
  4. As per financial report 2074/75 presented by Insurance Committee how many people have insurance policy ? 4343535, 15 % of total population are reach of insurance policy. 
  5. When did BS Rana, famous artist died ? 2075 BS, Magh18
  6. Where in Nepal second national Ski competition was organized ? Mustang
  7. From when Nepal started "Hello Swasthya" programme ? 2069, Kartik 29
  8. Which is the first SAARC country to incooperate Control Tourism ? - 
  9. As per 2018 "Doing business report" where do Nepal stands ? 110
  10. Who is known as Adhunik Kavi of Nepal ? Gopal Prasad  Rimal

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Nepal gk question, 14 May 2020

  1. Oldest grain of the world ? Soyabean
  2. Which is the first nation to free public transport ? Luxembourg
  3. Study of animals ? Zoology
  4. When was air agreement between Japan and Nepal was signed for renewal ? 2019 Jan 9
  5. Where is Dahare Deurali located ? Parbat (The place is concept for open zoo)

Nepal GK question, 13 May 2020

  1. Name the first women president of UNO general assembly ? - Bijaya Laxmi Pandit (India, 1953 AD)
  2. From how what age group literacy class is organized in Nepal ? Age 15 and above
  3. Previously what age group were only included in literacy class in Nepal ? Age 15-60
  4. When was Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank established ? 2014 AD June 24
  5. When was Kalanki-Koteswor road section was handed to Nepal Government by Chinese government ? 2075 BS Magh 14
  6. How many radio station are in operation in Nepal by the end of Falgun 2074 BS ? 627

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Nepal gk questions, 13 May 2020, Nepal Tourism Board

As per Tourism Board Nepal how many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 AD ? 1173072

Year- No of Tourist Visited Nepal
2014- 790118
2015- 538970
2016- 753002
2017- 940218
2018- 1173072

Region        2017       2018        Increase
SAARC    238916    301963        25.74
Asia          239106    316761        27
Europe      197285    243285        23.3
America    94251      109062        9.30

Sunday, May 10, 2020

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), First ATM in Nepal,

  1. From when ATM machine was launched ? - 1967 AD
  2. What was ATM previously known as ? Hole in the Wall
  3. Who invented ATM ? John Shepherd
  4. Where was ATM machine first used ? London
  5. Which bank first introduced  ATM in Nepal? Himalayan Bank
  6. What is the full form of ATM ? Automatic Teller Machine
  7. What digit Pin number is popular in ATM machine ? 4 Digit

Nepal gk questions, 11 May 2020.

1. Where do Swargwadwari lies in Nepal ? Pyuthan district
2. Which district does Manakamana temple lies ? Gorkha
3. Which district does Halesi Temple lies ? Khotang
4. At what altitude gosaikunda is located ?  4360 m from mean sea level.
5. Where is famous Pathivara temple located ? - Taplejung.

Current Affairs Nepal , Border issue India and Nepal

1.When did India Government unveiled political map of the country with some territory of Nepal  ? November 2 , 2019
2.When did India inaugurated link road between Darchula of Uttarakhanda  and Tibet Autonomous Region via Lipulekh Pass, Nepal territory ? May 8, 2020.
3.How much kilometer of the road lies in Nepal territory ? 17 KM
4.As per the Sugauli treaty between East India Company and Nepal what is the borderline between India and Nepal in the west ? Mahakali river.
5. What is the source of Mahakali river ? Limphiyadhura

Biggest, Longest,Smallest etc of Nepal, Biggest Lake of Nepal

  • Longest Waterfall of Nepal: Hyartung Waterfall located in Terathum District of eastern Nepal. Total height is 365 meter. 
  • Biggest River: Koshi
  • Longest River: Karnali (507 KM)
  • Deepest River : Gandaki
  • Most rainfall in Nepal: Pokhara, Kaski district
  • District headquarter at highest altitude: Simikot (Capital of Humla district . 2946 M from sea level)
  • Least rainfall in Nepal : Lomanthang, Mustang District
  • Tallest temple of Nepal: Nyatpol (Bhaktapur)
  • Temple at highest altitude: Muktinath Temple (3749 meter)
  • Biggest lake of Nepal : Rara Lake (Mugu District)
  • Biggest Glacier: Ghumbu Glacier
  • Bigget Library of Nepal : Libarary at Tribhuwan University.
  • Longest Highway of Nepal: Mahendra Highway (1027.67 KM)
  • Tallest Palace of Nepal: Nine Storey Palace (Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu)
  • Biggest national park of Nepal : Shey- Phoksundo National Park(3555 Sq. Km)
  • Smallest national park of Nepal : Rara National Park (106 Sq. Km)
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Medicinal Plants of Nepal

The use of medicinal plants in Nepal is from ancient time. As Nepal is rich in biodiversity and also in ancient culture ,the use of medicine from plants are very useful even these days.The component of the plants which can sure some disease are called medicinal plants.

  1.  How many types of vegetation are found in Nepal ? Around 6500
  2. Around how many vegetation are use for medicinal purpose in Nepal ? 400
  3. Different types of Medicinal plants found in Nepal. 

  • Ghiu Kumari(Aloe Barbandensis) : Mostly used in burning skin
  • Tulsi (Ocinum Sanctom): Used in sore throat and while common cold also used in tea. 
  • Bojo (Acorus Calamus): Sore throat
  • Titepati (Arthemisia Vulgaris Linn): Skin disease
  • Harro (Terminalia Chebula): Cough, Jaundice
  • Barro(Terminalia Bellirica): Cough
  • Amala (Emblica Offcinalis): Hair improvement, Vitamin C source
  • Chiraito(Swertia Corniculata): Urine related disease. 
  • Chutro(Berbis Artistata): Fever
  • Timur (Zanthoxyhum Armatum): Stomach Pain
  • Ghodtapre (Actica Hypocotila): Memory builder
  • Jatamasi (Nardastachuas Jatamansi): For beautiful hair and Face
  • Asuro(Adhatoda Vasica): Cough
  • Yasargumba (Cordyceps Sinensis):Sexual power increase.
  • Lemon Grass: Food Appetizer

Saturday, May 9, 2020

IEA Report: Global Energy Review, 2020

1. From how many countries IEA Report: Global Energy Review, 2020 was made ? 30 
2.According to the report, what percent of the daily electricity demand has been reduced ? - 15%
3. The Global Coal Demand reduced by how much percentage as compared to 2019? - 8%
4. The oil demand was reduced by 5%. The transport connectivity all over the world has been reduced by 50% and aviation has been reduced by 60%
5.The Carbon Dioxide Emissions have declined by what percent as compared to 2019 levels ? 8%
 This is almost 2.6 giga tonnes. These levels of carbons dioxide was found in earths in 2010

Who started what in Nepal ? GK Nepal

1.  Gunakamdev- Indra jatra,Krishna jatra, lakhe jatra,Kumari Pooja.
2. Jagjyoti Malla- Bisket Jatra
3. Gajat Prakash Malla- Gaijatra
4. Bronze Money: Ratna Malla
5. Leather Currency: Siddhi Narasingha Malla

Some nick names of famous people of Nepal.

1. Iron man of Nepal: Political leader Ganesh Man Singh.
2. Unlucky King: Jaya Prakash Malla
3. Mad King: Laxmi Narasingha Malla
4. Incapable King: King Gyanendra
5. King of Justice: Ram Shah
6. Mad Prince: Shree 5 Surendra
7. Kabindara: Pratap Malla
8. Alive Martyrs: Tanka Prasad Acharya
9. Dhankute King: Dev Shumsher
10. Araniko: Balabahu

Friday, May 8, 2020

Current Affairs | 09 May 2020 |

1.Which disaster Australia witnesses that killed many lives and  also caused huge destruction of ptoperty?- Wild Fire.
2. Who has been recently named as the new rsultan of Oman? -Haitham bin Tariq
3. According to the recent study conducted by the Swiss bank Julius Baer, which is the most expensive city of the world for luxury goods? - Hong Kong
4.The entire government of which country resigned recently after the constitutional amendments announced by its President?- Russia 
5. The United Nation’s COP 26 climate change summit, which has been postponed to 2021, was scheduled to be held in which city? Glasgow, Scotland.

Hydrogen rail, GK Nepal 09 May 2020

  1. When was Chitwan National park of Nepal declared plastic free ? 2075 B.S Poush 27
  2. At which place Nepal ranks for the production of Ginger in the world ? Third (2018 AD)
  3. When did Nepal government gifted a pair of Rhinoceros to China ? 2018 AD July 12
  4. What were the name of the Rhinoceros gifted to China ? Bhadra and Rupsi
  5. When did Nepal government published 100 tourist destination of Nepal ? - 2075 B.S Kartik 15
  6. Name the third cable car built under private sector ? - Kalinnchowk Cable Car
  7. Where in Nepal Bio Village Model Programme is launched ? Tanahu

Hydrogen Rail
  • Where in the world hydrogen rail came into use for the first time in the world ? Germany(2018 September 16)
  • What is the other name of Hydrogen rail ? - Hydrail 
  • What is the name of first Hydrogen rail  ? The Coradia iLint is the world’s first passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power for traction. This zero-emission train emits low levels of noise, with exhaust being only steam and condensed water.

Important Awards and Prizes distributed in different fields of Nepal.

1. Madan Puruskar -
2. Sajha Puruskar
3. Jagadamba Shree Puruskar
4. Chinnalata Puruskar

1. When was Madan Prize established ? 2012 BS
2. Madan Prize was established on the memory of which personality ? - Madan Shumsher
3.What is the amount of Madan Prize ? 1 Lakh Rupees

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Styrene Gas, Vizag Gas Tragedy

  1. When did Styrene gas leaked from LG Plant of Viskahapathnam  ? 07 May 2020
  2. What is Styrene Gas ? Styrene gas is colorless and odorless gas also known as vinyl,ethyl and phenyl benzene which is neuro-toxins. This gas effects respiratory system. Continuous exposure to styrene gas for 10 minutes results to death.  
  3. What is the chemical formula of Styrene gas ?C6H5CH=CH2
  4. Styrene gas is also known as ? Vinylbenzene, ethylbenzene and phenylbenzene
  5.  Styrene gas is used in making what types of products ?  rubber, plastic, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile and boat parts, food containers, and carpet backing.

Check Points between Nepal and India

These are the check points that are used for business purpose between India and Nepal:
  1. Pashupatinagar/Sukhiya Pokhari
  2. Kakarvitta/ Naxalbari
  3. Bhadrapur/Galgaliya
  4. Biratnagar/Jogbani
  5. Setoband/Bhimnagar
  6. Rajbiraj/Kunauli
  7. Janakpur/Jayanagar
  8. Jaleswor/Bhittamod
  9. Malangwa/Sonabarsha
  10. Gaur/Bairganiya
  11. Birgunj/Raxaul
  12. Bairawa/Sunauli/Nautanwa
  13. Taulihawa/Khunwa
  14. Krishnanagar/Badani
  15. Koilabas/Jarwa
  16. Nepalgunj/Rupediya
  17. Rajapur/Katerniyaghat
  18. Kailali/Tikonia
  19. Dhangadi/Gairifanta
  20. Mahendranagar/Banbasa
  21. Mahakali/Jhulaghat
  22. Darchula/Dharchula
  23. Nawalparasi/Dhutibari
  24. Sikta/Biswabazar
  25. Laukaha/Thadi
  26. Guleriya/Murtiya

Tea Farming in Nepal, Tea Survey 2018

Tea is very popular among friends and families in Nepal. Not only in Nepal, tea is also very popular in most part of the world. Tea is considered as stress re-liefer, short hunger remover and most important the popular drinks in every occasion. Nepal where most part of the country are hilly and mountain region are also cold region. The consumption of tea is also high in this area. To fulfill this consumption tea farming is also done in many parts of the country. Tea farming are popular in eastern part of Nepal. Illam  and Jhapa are the two district with maximum tea productions.   

When did tea farming started in Nepal ? 1920 BS
From where tea farming concept entered Nepal ? China
Who brought the tea plantation in Nepal from China ? Junga bahadur Rana
When was Nepal Tea Development Cooperation (NTDC) established ? 2033 B.S
When was Nepal Tea Survey Report 2018 was published ? 2075 Asar 29

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

5 questions of Science GK

1.Which planet is called morning star ? - Venus
2.What is the number of satellite in Jupiter? 79
3.Which two gas contribute to begin formation of star ? Hydrogen and Helium
4.What is the approximate diameter of Milkyway Galaxy ? 100000 light years
5. Which country is called sugar bowl of the world ? CUBA

Lockdown Nepal

From when Nepal Government declared lockdown to prevent spread of deadly COVID-19 ? - CHAITRA 10, 2076
When did Nepal for the fifth time extended the lockdown for 10 days ? 24 Baisakh, 2076 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cities of the world with highest population, world gk

1. Tokyo, Japan (3,80,00000)
2. Delhi, India (2,79,00000)
3. Shanghai, China (2,59,00000)
4. Beijing, China (2,28,00000)
5. Mumbai, India(2,20,00000 )

Tea Survey Report 2075, Nepal GK,Commercial tea farming,Organic farming, Green leaves, Area and production

  1. When was Nepal Tea Survey Report 2018 was published ? 2075 Asar 29
  2. From when Central Statistics Bureau with the help of National Tea and Coffee Development board carried out the tea survey ? - 2074 Baisakh 1 to Chaitra end. 
  3. Farming in how much area of land is called professional tea farming ? - In Hilly and Himalayan region- 1 Ropani. In terai area 1.10 Kathha. 
  4. As per  number of tea farm and farmer engaged in tea farming which district is at number one position ? Illam
  5.  As per area of tea farming and production which districts is at number one position ?- Jhapa
  6. How many district are engaged in tea farming in Nepal ? - 14
  7. How many tea farm are there in Nepal ? 9236
  8. How many hectares of land in Nepal are cultivated with tea ? 12066 Hectare
  9. Name the district with tea farming ? - Taplejung, Panchthar, Illam, Jhapa, Sankhuwasabha, Bhojpur, Dhankuta, TErathum, Morang, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Ramechap, Nuwakot and Lalitpur
  10. Which district rank third in tea farming ? Panchthar

Corona Virus Myths- Myths Buster- WHO- COVID-19 Myths


15th Crow Summit Nepal- Crow Summit Nepal- Nepal GK

  1. When and where was 15th Crow summit was organized in Nepal ? 2075 B.S, Kartik 19 (Ratnapark, Kathmandu). 
  2. When is Crow summit organized in Nepal ? Every year on the day of Kaag Tihar (Crow Festival)
  3. Name the person from Nepal who can make voice of 173 animals ? Ramesh Dulal
  4. Around how many crows where gathered in the day of crow summit ?  Around 300
  5. Who communicated with crows in the day of summit ? Ramesh Dulal
  6. Who organized the 15 crow summit ?-Music Association of Nepal

Mid Hill Highway Project Nepal- Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga- GK Nepal- Roads of Nepal

  1. Which unit of government will form 10 new cities while making Mid Hill Highway ? - Central Government
  2. By how many years the project of establishing 10 new cities under lokmarga is aimed to be completed ? 15 Years
  3. Previously in the fiscal year 2075/76 which government was given the responsibility to build the cities ? State Government
  4. From when new cities around the Mid Hill Highway started to form ? From the fiscal year 2065/66
  5. Which are the 10 new cities that will be formed ? 

  1. Phidim (Panchthar)
  2. Basantapur (Terathum)
  3. Khurkot (Sindhuli)
  4. Baireni (Dhading)
  5. Burtiwang (Baglung)
  6. Rakam Karnali (Dailekh)
  7. Chaurjhari (Rukum)
  8. Safebagar (Accham)
  9. Patan (Baitedi)
  10. Dumre (Tanahu)

Monday, May 4, 2020

Corona Virus Today's Latest Update

Coronavirus Cases:






Number of players in different sports- Sports gk- gk nepal

  • Table Tennis- 1 or 2
  • Baseball- 9
  • Boxing- 1
  • Kho-Kho - 9
  • Polo- 4
  • Cricket- 11
  • Football- 11
  • Basketball- 5
  • Volleyball-6
  • Netball- 7
  • Water polo- 7
  • Kabbaddi- 7
  • Hockey- 11
  • Rugby Football- 15

LINK : Number of players in different sports-sports gk-world gk.

Religion and Culture quiz- Culture quiz of Nepal- GK Nepal- Religion and Culture of Nepal 2020

  1. Who is also known as god of North ? -KUBER
  2. What was the name of Horse  of Siddhartha Gautam ? - Kanthak
  3. Who was the rider of KANTHAK of Siddhartha Gautam ? - Chandak
  4. What was Janakpur called in Tretayug ? - MITHILA
  5. What is the name of forest where Ram spent his 14 years ? Chitrakut
  6. From which Veda music originated ? SAMVEDA
  7. Who was the last king of DWAPAR YUG ? - PARIKSHIT
  8. Oldest veda ? - Rigveda
  9. What is worshiped in CHATH POOJA ? - SUN
  10.  Capital of KUBER ? ALKAPURI

Meaning of five colors in Buddhist Religion- Gk Nepal- Loksewa GK- Gk about Buddha

Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. He was born in 563 BC and died in 483 BC. There are five color in Buddhist religion which have their own meaning . 

Blue: Body of Buddha
Yellow: Buddha last remains. 
Red: Blood of Buddha
White: Teeth of Buddha 

केहि देविदेवतहरु र तिनका बाहन हरु

केहि देविदेवतहरु र तिनका बाहन हरु

  1. महादेव-  नन्दी 
  2. अग्नि- बोको 
  3. कुमार- मयुर
  4.  सरस्वति - हाँस 
  5. पार्वती- बिरालो 
  6. शनि - गिद्ध 
  7. गणेश- मुसो 
  8. बिष्णु- गुरुङ 
  9. इन्द्र- ऐरावत हात्ती 
  10. लक्ष्मी- लाटोकोसेरो 
  11. दुर्गा- सिंह 
  12. यमराज- राँगो 

Religious Book of Different Religion- World Gk- GK about religion

Hindu- Ved, Upanishads, Purans
Budhha- Tripitak
Muslim- Kuran
Cristian- Bible
Sikh- Guru Granth Sahib
Jain- Bachanamrit
Kabir- Bijak
Yahudi- Kaibala

Title of some personality related to Literature of Nepal- GK Nepal- GK about literature of Nepal.

1. Bhanubhakta Acharya - Adikavi
2. Gopal Prasad Rimal - Adhunik Kavi
3. Motiram Bhatta- Yuva Kavi
4. Siddhi Charan Shrestha - Yug Kavi
5. Bal Krishna Sama - Natya Samrat
6. Siddhidas Amatya - Mahakavi (Newari)
7. Madhav Prasad Ghimire - Rastrakavi
8. Shambhu Dhungel - Ansukavi
9. Lekhnath Poudel - Kavi Shiromani
10. Laxmi Prasad Devkota - Mahakavi 

Dance of Different Ethnics groups in Nepal- Gk about Nepal- GK Nepal

What is the dance of following ethnics groups called?

  • Magar- Soradi, Maruni
  • Gurung- Rodi
  • Tamang: Selo 
  • Maithili: Jhijhiya 
  • Sherpa- Syabru
  • Jhagand: Karmadharma
  • Rai: Sakela/ Chandi
  • Limbu: Dhan Dance

Dance name of different ethnics groups of Nepal

Main Festivals of Nepal- GK Nepal- Gk about Nepal- Festivals of Nepal

  1. Dashain 
  2. Tihar
  3. Chath 
  4. Lohosar
  5. Buddha Jayanti
  6. Id
  7. Christmas

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Purans and Slok- Nepal gk- gk about Nepal- Shrremad Bhagwat Mahapuran Sloks

Which PURANS have how many SLOKS ?

  1. Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapuran: 18000
  2. Shiva Puran: 24000
  3. Bishnu Puran: 23000
  4. Garun Puran:19000
  5. Skanda: 81000
  6. Agni: 15000
  7. Narad: 25000

Wife - Husband name of God and Goddess

  1. Husband- Wife
  2. Arjun- Subhadra
  3. Ganesh-Riddhi,Siddhi
  4. Bali-Tara
  5. Ram-Sita
  6. Shiva-Parbati
  7. Laxaman-Urmila\
  8. Basudev-Devki
  9. Bishnu- Laxmi
  10. Indra-Sachi
  11. Krishna : Rukmini

Nepal Important dates- GK about Nepal- 04 May 2020- GK Nepal--10

  1. Establishment of Gorkha State: 1616 BS Bhadra 25
  2. Establishment of Krishna Temple of Patan Durbar Square : 1693 BS
  3. When was Ranipokhari built ? 1727 BS
  4. Fight between Nepal and Tibet : 1846 BS
  5. Sugauli Treaty: 1873 BS (3 March 1816)
  6. Kot Parba: 1903 BS Aswhin 2
  7. Bhandarkhal Parba: 1903 BS Kartik 12
  8. Bir Hospital Establishment : 1947 BS Shrawan 12
  9. First Bank establishment : 1994 BS
  10. Establishment of Radio Nepal: 2007 BS Chaitra 20
Other Links: Heroes of Nepal         Deficiency Disease        gk about nepal

National Heroes of Nepal- Nepal GK in English.

1. King Janak was the King of which place ? - Mithila Pradesh
2. What was the real name of King Janak ? - Shiedwaj
3. Who is also known as Rajshree Maharaj ? King Janak
4. Where did Sita resided after been left by Ram ? In the shed of Balmiki
5. When was Gautam Buddha born ? - 563 BC, Baisakh Sukla Purnima
6. Who is known as the Light of Asia ? 
Gautam Buddha
7. When did Buddha got enlightenment ? 443 BC

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Nepal gk in english-nepali gk in english- 03 May 2020

  1. Who won the 2018 football world cup ? -France
  2. In which field of sports Nepal won the silver in South Asian games in 2018 ? - Paragliding
  3. Who become the Miss Universe 2018 ? Catriona Gray 
  4. Which type of soil is best for paddy cultivation ? Pango 
  5. What distance do light travel per second ? 3 Lakh KM
  6. When was Sighadurbar caught by fire ? 2030 BS Asar 25

  7. With the help of which country Balaju Industrial area was established ? America
  8. When was Nepali language declared a an official language in government offices of Nepal ? 2021 Baisakh 2
  9. Who visited Britain after Junga |Bahadur Rana ? Chandra Shumsher
  10. Which day do Tibetan calendar counts for Lhosar ? New Year
  11. Which is the first Nepali film made from private sector ?- Maitighar
  12. What is the cultural dance of Buddhist called ? Charya Dance
  13. When was UNESO established ? 1946 AD
  14. Which river of Nepal is called the sorrow of Bihar in India ? - Koshi River
  15. Name the first women to reach space ? - Valentina Tereshkova (Russia)

  16. What is the length of longest river of Nepal ? 507 KM, Karnali
  17. Where is the source of Indrawati river of Nepal ? Langtang Mountain
  18. Where do Kakre Vihar lies  in Nepal ? Surkhet
  19. Who is known as father of history ? Herodotus 
  20. Who was first king of Malla dynasty ? Ari Malla
  21. Who built Krishna Temple of Patan ? Siddhi Narasigha Malla 

Nepal GK in English.

Nepal is beautiful country with mesmerising natural heritage. Nepal is unique in its's own way like landlocked country , lies between two big country China and India. Nepal also has its own history and culture. This website will provide gk questions related to Nepal. GK related to Nepal is presented in best way possible. There are many website online about gk test of Nepal and also PDF of gk about Nepal is also available. This blog has gk about Nepal geography, gk about Nepal history.  
1. Who is the first Nepali Ambassador for India ? - Singh shumsher Jabara
2. When did Sugauli treaty happen ? - 1816 AD March 3(1873 BS)
3. When did Peace and Friendship treaty  between Nepal and took place ? 1950 AD July 31

General Knowledge -02 May 2020- Nepali GK in English

When did Nepal become member of BIMSTEC ? - 2003 AD
Who found the blood circulation system in human body ? William Harvey

What deficiency causes what ?

There are many  deficiency diseases caused by missing nutrients. Most of them are caused by a missing minerals and vitamin from the daily diet. A diet low in proteins, fats and carbohydrates can also cause different deficiency diseases. Examples of deficiency diseases include beri beri, scurvyanemia, rickets and goiter. Mostly the poor and developing countries kids and even adults mostly suffer these types of diseases. They lack tow times meals per day, balance diet with all these nutrients are like dreams for them. 

1. Night Blindness :  Vitamin A
2. Rickets: Vitamin D
3. Beri Beri :Vitamin C
4. Goiter: Iodine
5. Scurvy:Vitamin B

Nepali GK in English - Nepal GK- GK about Nepal

What was the main slogan of Nepal Tourism year 2011 ? - Together for Tourism.

Friday, May 1, 2020

GKIQ: Marital Status in Nepal

GKIQ: Marital Status in Nepal: As per census 2068 the 35.6% population of age 10 years and above are unmarried. 1. Unmarried male population with age of 10 and above-...

Series -IQ- Nepal IQ

1. A,C,E,G,--?
2. A,D,G,--?
3. A,E,I---?
4. AC,DF,GI,---?
5. A,G,M,--?
6. B,F,K--?
7. M,Q,U,--?
8. KM,NP,QS,--?

ANS: 1. I,
2. J
 3. M
4. JL
 5. S
 6. Q
7. Y
 8. TV

GK Nepal- Quiz latest 01 May 2020- gk nepal question-nepali gk in english

  1. From when Nepal Oil Co-operation started selling the oil of EURO-6 quality all over Nepal ? Chaitra 2076
  2. What are the benefit of EURO-6 grade oil ? - EURO-6 grade oil that are used in different vehicles produce less amount of Sulfur Dioxide which also reduces the acid rain in the environment. Previously all vehicles used to get oil of EURO-4 quality. Euro-6 grades oil have sulfur quantity in 10 ppm where as EURO-4 have sulfur quantity in 50 ppm.
  3. Who won the T-20 Women's world cup held in Australia ? - Australia
  4. Who won the second title in T-20 Women's world cup held in Australia ? -India
  5. Who invented re writable paper  ? Chinese(2018)
  6. From when Nepal government launched Social security Plan with the pension system to all labor of all sector ? 2075 B.S Mangsir 11
  7. From when Nepal government declared to celebrate Social Security Day ? 2075 B.S Mangsir 11
  8. Which country in the world for the first time tested the Space Elevator ? Japan (2018 September)
  9. What is the women participation in Government jobs ? 25.76%(22359 out of 86800)
  10. Who was awarded with International Communication Award in March 2020 ? Laxamandutta Panta
  11. Who was awarded with National Kalashree Award 2076 ? Ganesh Rasik and Prem Dhwaj Pradhan
  12. DEUKETA is popular in ? Dailekh
  13. Where is the headquarter of WWF ? Switzerland
  14. Where is the headquarter of European Union ? - Brussels , Belgium
  15. Who is known as Taekwando  Queen in Nepal sports ? Sangina Baidya
  16. Where is BHAJUPOKHARI ? Bhaktapur
  17. Where in Nepal official teaching of Kusunda language started ? Lamahi (Dang)
  18. From when paper money came in use in Nepal ? 2002 BS Asoj 1
  19. How much rupees paper money were use first time in Nepal ? RS 100, RS 10 and RS 5
  20. When did Dravya Shah formed Gorkha ?- 1616 BS Bhadra 25
  21. How much social security and health security amount is provided to elderly people in Nepal ? RS 2000
  22. Where is the biggest solar plant project in Nepal ? Nuwakot (25 MW)

The website GK-IQ.COM contains General Knowledge of Nepal and World. Many other aspects which comes under this universe are also accommodated with best effort possible. Every thing I learn and think important about any thing I try to cover in this website. There may be many mistakes, please feel free to comment about my mistakes. Thank you.

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