Sunday, May 10, 2020

Biggest, Longest,Smallest etc of Nepal, Biggest Lake of Nepal

  • Longest Waterfall of Nepal: Hyartung Waterfall located in Terathum District of eastern Nepal. Total height is 365 meter. 
  • Biggest River: Koshi
  • Longest River: Karnali (507 KM)
  • Deepest River : Gandaki
  • Most rainfall in Nepal: Pokhara, Kaski district
  • District headquarter at highest altitude: Simikot (Capital of Humla district . 2946 M from sea level)
  • Least rainfall in Nepal : Lomanthang, Mustang District
  • Tallest temple of Nepal: Nyatpol (Bhaktapur)
  • Temple at highest altitude: Muktinath Temple (3749 meter)
  • Biggest lake of Nepal : Rara Lake (Mugu District)
  • Biggest Glacier: Ghumbu Glacier
  • Bigget Library of Nepal : Libarary at Tribhuwan University.
  • Longest Highway of Nepal: Mahendra Highway (1027.67 KM)
  • Tallest Palace of Nepal: Nine Storey Palace (Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu)
  • Biggest national park of Nepal : Shey- Phoksundo National Park(3555 Sq. Km)
  • Smallest national park of Nepal : Rara National Park (106 Sq. Km)
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