Friday, May 1, 2020

GK Nepal- Quiz latest 01 May 2020- gk nepal question-nepali gk in english

  1. From when Nepal Oil Co-operation started selling the oil of EURO-6 quality all over Nepal ? Chaitra 2076
  2. What are the benefit of EURO-6 grade oil ? - EURO-6 grade oil that are used in different vehicles produce less amount of Sulfur Dioxide which also reduces the acid rain in the environment. Previously all vehicles used to get oil of EURO-4 quality. Euro-6 grades oil have sulfur quantity in 10 ppm where as EURO-4 have sulfur quantity in 50 ppm.
  3. Who won the T-20 Women's world cup held in Australia ? - Australia
  4. Who won the second title in T-20 Women's world cup held in Australia ? -India
  5. Who invented re writable paper  ? Chinese(2018)
  6. From when Nepal government launched Social security Plan with the pension system to all labor of all sector ? 2075 B.S Mangsir 11
  7. From when Nepal government declared to celebrate Social Security Day ? 2075 B.S Mangsir 11
  8. Which country in the world for the first time tested the Space Elevator ? Japan (2018 September)
  9. What is the women participation in Government jobs ? 25.76%(22359 out of 86800)
  10. Who was awarded with International Communication Award in March 2020 ? Laxamandutta Panta
  11. Who was awarded with National Kalashree Award 2076 ? Ganesh Rasik and Prem Dhwaj Pradhan
  12. DEUKETA is popular in ? Dailekh
  13. Where is the headquarter of WWF ? Switzerland
  14. Where is the headquarter of European Union ? - Brussels , Belgium
  15. Who is known as Taekwando  Queen in Nepal sports ? Sangina Baidya
  16. Where is BHAJUPOKHARI ? Bhaktapur
  17. Where in Nepal official teaching of Kusunda language started ? Lamahi (Dang)
  18. From when paper money came in use in Nepal ? 2002 BS Asoj 1
  19. How much rupees paper money were use first time in Nepal ? RS 100, RS 10 and RS 5
  20. When did Dravya Shah formed Gorkha ?- 1616 BS Bhadra 25
  21. How much social security and health security amount is provided to elderly people in Nepal ? RS 2000
  22. Where is the biggest solar plant project in Nepal ? Nuwakot (25 MW)

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