Sunday, May 17, 2020

Gk questions about Nepal | 17 May 2020 | gk questions of nepal with answers | First satellite of Nepal | Nepal Satellite-1

  1. When did Nepal sent its first satellite to space ? April 19, 2019
  2. What is the name of its first satellite ? Nepal Satellite-1
  3. What is the weight of Nepal Satellite-1 ? 1.3 KG
  4. Nepal Satellite 1 : The satellite will revolve around the earth four times a day. The orbit lies approximately 400 kilometres above the earth. The satellite is expected to take pictures of Nepal for six to 10 minutes during each revolution.
  5. Name the scientist who developed the satellite under the BIRDS project of their institute in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology who are studying at Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology ? Aabhas Maskey and Hariram Shrestha 
  6. First twins to reach space ? - Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly. 
  7. First country to germinate seed in moon ? China
  8. Which plant seed become the first plants to ever germinate on the moon ? Cotton
Nepal First Satellite

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