Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Nepal gk quiz |19 May 2020 | gk Nepal 2020 | Nepal recent gk

  1. Name the four religious places related to Buddhism ? Limbini, Bodhgaya,Sarnath and Kushinagar
  2. Which is the first state of Nepal to launch Health insurance in every of its district ? Far Western State
  3. Which Nepali company was awarded with "International Hospitality and Travel Award 2019" ? Chandragiri Hills Resort
  4. Which is the most coffee producing district of Nepal  ? Kavre
  5. Which is the first country to sign DTAA with Nepal ? India (1987 January 18)
  6. What is the full form of DTAA ? Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  7. With how many countries Nepal have agreement regarding DTAA ? 11
  8. When was "Peoples Electricity programme" launched in Nepal ? 2075 BS Falgun 2
  9. Where is tortoise preservation center in Nepal ? Sukhani Simasar Area, Jhapa
  10. When was Nepal Sambat declared as National Sambat ? 2065 B.S Kartik 8

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