Monday, May 4, 2020

Religion and Culture quiz- Culture quiz of Nepal- GK Nepal- Religion and Culture of Nepal 2020

  1. Who is also known as god of North ? -KUBER
  2. What was the name of Horse  of Siddhartha Gautam ? - Kanthak
  3. Who was the rider of KANTHAK of Siddhartha Gautam ? - Chandak
  4. What was Janakpur called in Tretayug ? - MITHILA
  5. What is the name of forest where Ram spent his 14 years ? Chitrakut
  6. From which Veda music originated ? SAMVEDA
  7. Who was the last king of DWAPAR YUG ? - PARIKSHIT
  8. Oldest veda ? - Rigveda
  9. What is worshiped in CHATH POOJA ? - SUN
  10.  Capital of KUBER ? ALKAPURI

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