Thursday, May 7, 2020

Styrene Gas, Vizag Gas Tragedy

  1. When did Styrene gas leaked from LG Plant of Viskahapathnam  ? 07 May 2020
  2. What is Styrene Gas ? Styrene gas is colorless and odorless gas also known as vinyl,ethyl and phenyl benzene which is neuro-toxins. This gas effects respiratory system. Continuous exposure to styrene gas for 10 minutes results to death.  
  3. What is the chemical formula of Styrene gas ?C6H5CH=CH2
  4. Styrene gas is also known as ? Vinylbenzene, ethylbenzene and phenylbenzene
  5.  Styrene gas is used in making what types of products ?  rubber, plastic, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile and boat parts, food containers, and carpet backing.

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