Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sugauli Treaty

 The farsighted unification campaign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah from small state of Gorkha expanded its territory to Sikkim in the east, Satlaj in the west, Gorakhpur in the south and himalaya parbat to the north. The campaign after Prithvi Narayan Shah were lighted by King Pratap Shah, Rajendralaxmi, Bahadur Shah and Bhimsen Thapa. During this campaign dispute arose with East- India Company of India regarding  22 villages of Butwal leading to war in 1814 AD.(1871 BS). The 800 miles border with India were stationed by East India company army at different area. The East India Company declared war with Nepal in 1 Nov 1814 AD. 

Balabhadra Kunwar from Nepal was stationed in Nalapani, Khalanga, similarly Bhakti Thapa and Amar Sing Thapa leaded Nepali army in Deuthal and in the west respectively. Due to lack of improvised weapon, trained army and many other reasons Nepal lost her war with the company. The defeat in war resulted to sign the treaty called sugauli treaty. Jagaraj Mishara and Chandrasekhar Upadhyay signed the treaty on 28 November 1815 AD likewise Major Brad Shaw from EIC signed the treaty on 02 Dec 1815. So the Sugauli treaty came in effect from  March 1816 AD (1872 BS Mangsir 19). 

The border treaty signed between the then government of East India Company and Nepal on March 4, 1816 is known as the Sugauli Treaty. The result of the treaty was that Nepal lost almost one-third of its territory on the east, south and west. Students of history know it well why and how the treaty took place. But it would be beneficial for others as well to know the historical background of the country. Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the small fiefdoms / principalities and created a big and powerful Nepal. 

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