Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tea Farming in Nepal, Tea Survey 2018

Tea is very popular among friends and families in Nepal. Not only in Nepal, tea is also very popular in most part of the world. Tea is considered as stress re-liefer, short hunger remover and most important the popular drinks in every occasion. Nepal where most part of the country are hilly and mountain region are also cold region. The consumption of tea is also high in this area. To fulfill this consumption tea farming is also done in many parts of the country. Tea farming are popular in eastern part of Nepal. Illam  and Jhapa are the two district with maximum tea productions.   

When did tea farming started in Nepal ? 1920 BS
From where tea farming concept entered Nepal ? China
Who brought the tea plantation in Nepal from China ? Junga bahadur Rana
When was Nepal Tea Development Cooperation (NTDC) established ? 2033 B.S
When was Nepal Tea Survey Report 2018 was published ? 2075 Asar 29

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