Monday, August 24, 2020

25 Aug

  •  Which among the following is not present in pure sugar ? Nitrogen
  • Which of the following correctly defines “Mother-of-pearl”?  A hard iridescent substance forming the inner layer of certain shells
  • The branch of science Herpatology deals with the study of? Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Change in genetic composition of a population is called as? evolution
  • Which among the following diseases is also known as “Pink Eye”?Conjunctivitis
  • Stapes, the smallest and the lightest bone in human body, is the part of which organ ?Ear

Friday, August 14, 2020

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Airports of Nepal

Following are the airports of Nepal. Highlighted airports are closed.

1. Baglung-
2. Baitadi_
3. Bajhang- 
4. Bajura
5. Bhojpur
6. Chaurjhari
7. Dang
8. Darchula- 
9. Dhorpatan- 
10. Dolpa
11. Doti- 
12. Falgunanda Sukilumba
13. Gorkha- No
14. Gulmi Resunga-
15. Jiri- 
16. Jomsom
17. Jumla
18. Kangel Danda-
19. Khani Danda-
20. Khiji Chandeswori-
21. Lamidada
22. Langtang- 
23. Mahendranagar- 
24. Manang- 
25. Maseinechaur- 
27. Phaplu
28. Ramechap
29. Rara
30. Rolpa-
31. Rumjatar
32. Salley
33. Sanfebagar
34. Simikot
37. Thamkharka
38. Tenzing Hilary Airport
39. Tikapur - 
40. Chandragadi
42. Biratnagar
42. Janakpur
44. Simara
45. Bharatpur
46. Kathmandu
47. Bhairawa
48. Nepalgunj
49. Surkhet
50. Dhangadi
52. Pokhara
53. Tumlingtar

New established airport of Nepal.

Following are the newly established airport of Nepal.
1. Falgunanda Sukilumba Airport, Ilam
2. Gulmi Resunga Airport, Gulmi
3. Khiji Chandeswori Airport , Okhaldhunga.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Corona Vaccine

1. Which country registered first Corona Vaccine ? - Russia.

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