Saturday, January 30, 2021

Forex Trading in Nepal.

Well there are many questions  whether forex trading from Nepal is legal or not. If you browse the internet you will find that forex trading is 100 percent legal in Nepal. So as per the information on internet I created trading account in I created account and deposited 40 USD from Skrill. I had to verify my account providing my identity and address. I uploaded my passport for identity and bank statement for address verification. 

 Skrill is the digital wallet which is very popular for  online transfers. You can make Skrill account verifying your phone number ,Identity and location very easily. From Skrill you can easily withdraw dollar in Nepali rupees from E- sewa. 

So after 40 dollars in my Exness account I started trading in Exness platform. I just followed green and red candles. I lost my money within 2 hours. I decided to fund some more dollars in the account for which I had to look for Skrill sellers. While searching Facebook I found many Skrill sellers and finally funded my account with 10, 20 , 50 and so on on regular basis. I also started learning and watching trading tutorial videos. Now I also started making profit but at the last I could not hold my balance. EMOTIONS were taking over me and I was trading anytime anywhere. The size of funding was also increasing from 50 to 100 and 200 and 500. I was  losing my money everyday. But I was type of addicted and also belief that I can earn my money back. The day was mixed if there was profit I was happy and if loss unhappy . It's real I was 90 percent only thinking about trading. 

Now I started learning and watching YouTube videos more and more. There are so many channels who teaches you forex. You can watch which are simple and easy to understand. 

It's been five month I started forex. I have to control my greed and overtrading to earn in forex.

Forex is very risk business if you are not discipline. 

If are also interested then you need following things.
1. Broker Account. 
2. Digital Wallet --- Skrill Account
3. E-SEWA 

All brokers are not real so be careful while signing up for account. You can try EXNESS.  They are real. 
The data of forex market shows more than 90 percent of people who trade in forex are losers. 

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