1000 GK Questions Practice.

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  1. When is International Nursing Day ?
  2. World Redcross Day is observed on  ? 
  3. How long does earth takes to revolve around its axis ? 
  4. Who invented Braille  for visually impaired person ? 
  5. Which planet in our solar system has maximum number of natural satellites ? 
  6. Which gas in found in highest percentage in earths atmosphere ? 
  7. How many kilometer is represented by 1 degree of Latitude? 
  8. Where in the World Angel falls situated ? 
  9. Which is the deepest point on Earth? 
  10. The 38 parallel lines divide which two countries ? 
  11. The Wave generated during earthquake is called ? 
  12. The Land which is surrounded by water on three sides is known as  ? 
  13. Which country is known as the Gift of the Nile ? 
  14. Which is the deepest lake in the World ? 
  15. What is the degree longitude for an hour time ? 
  16. Hwang Ho river flows through which country? 
  17. History word is developed from which other word? 
  18. Who wrote "Divine Comedy" 
  19. Who discovered Ocean way to India?  
  20. Who is known as "The Light of Asia" ?  
  21. Which country first started to use PostCard ?  
  22. Who is known as "Iron Lady" in the World ? 
  23. How many years did Nelson Mandela face prison captive ?  
  24. The country of Singapore is made up of how many islands? 
  25. What is the smallest country in the world?  
  26. Greek civilization was flourished in the year ?  
  27. The Eiffel Tower is built in ________. 
  28. What was the other name given to the French and Indian War (1756-1763)? 
  29. First women to reach space ? 
  30. Who is known as father of History ? 

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